Fund My Team – Get Ready, Set, Go!

Get Ready...

Fund My Team is the new way to raise funds. And what's best is there's no sponsorship forms needed!

Gone are the days of paper sponsorship forms passed from person to person...

Fund my team brings you a revolutionary new way to raise money by generating online contributions to support the projects of teams.

Fund my Team is an easy and accessible way to allow your supporters to pool small amounts of money to raise funds for you, their local team. Be it raising funds for kit, having enough financial backing to enter sporting tournaments or to help get a new team off the ground, Fund my Team can help spotlight your teams funding goals.

Virtual Sponsorship

  • It's FREE to register and there're no monthly subscription fees
  • We only charge project creators a 6% fee on project withdrawals which are a result of Paypal and admin fees


It's easy to generate support with Fund My Team

It's easy and completely free to set up a funding page for your team on Fund My Team. It takes less than the time it will take you to put on your trainers to get your project page up and running. Everything you need to create a page for your team is here. Simply share a few words about your funding needs and leave the rest to those friends, family and perhaps even organisations that may choose to give a little to fund your team.

Raising funds for your team

Encourage funding for your project through Fund My Team is a walk in the park. Simply create your online project and promote it to people you think may support your team. Set a funding target and once you reach your target Fund My Team will transfer you the money pooled by those who've kindly given and then you can get your plans in motion!

How do I make it happen?

Create your Fund my Team Page. Look on this as your virtual money collection box. Set your target amount, tell people your target timescale by which you wish to collect your desired funds, and most importantly let people know exactly what your team funds are for.

Tell people about your Fund my Team page. Let people know where they can make a contribution by sending them details of your Fund My Team page.

Watch as your contributions come in and see exactly how you're doing with the Fund My Team virtual fund counter.



Anyone can contribute in order to help you reach your target. You can share your Fund my Team page with friends, family and anyone else you think may support your team. It's easy to encourage people to visit your page online and give a little support.

Why should I Fund a Team?

We give people the opportunity to follow and back the teams they have a vested interest in, or simply enjoy supporting. It may be your local community youth football team, a handball team or a dance group. Funding your local team can make a big difference to the activities and experiences youngsters can have whilst participating in the team sports they love. Fund My Team gives you the chance to get involved and fund teams that you're interested in or those that just need a little bit more of a helping hand.

It takes less time to make a contribution than it would to find your sports kit, and using Paypal, your payments are secure and the full amount goes directly to your team. You can even leave a personal message showing your support to the team.

We take payments via PayPal but you don't need a Paypal account to do this. Just go through the Account set up process and then click on the appropriate debit or credit card link and you can pay that way.

For those people wishing to put higher amounts into a pitch (£500 +), please contact us to arrange a bank transfer, so that Paypal fees are not incurred.

Money Transactions

All donations placed via are completed securely via PayPal, enabling secure payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Any project creators who wish to withdraw project funds require to have a valid Paypal account. A project donator though does not need to have Paypal account in order to give money: they only require a valid credit card or other valid type of PayPal payment.

Every contribution is a donation, and usually there is no return for the contributor. Of course, those running funding projects can decide to give contributors a benefit or reward (in this case it would be stated on the project page). Remember, advertisers are wholly responsible for their promises, and has no control if they keep their word or not. Send money only to advertisers you know or you trust.



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